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hi. meet doug.

communicator. creator. educator.



  • Public relations professional with more than 25 years of communications experience
  • Marketing professional well-versed in agency, nonprofit, travel and tourism, and entertainment structures
  • Advertising experience in agency, nonprofit, entertainment and education environments
  • Experience in media partnerships, placement and message development
  • Experienced writer, reporter and editor with strong AP style, grammar and spelling skills focused on storytelling
  • Communication package development experience including visual communication elements, marketing packages, deck creation and media kit creation
  • Message alignment through marketing, advertising, PR and social channels
  • Strong editing and revision skills specifically focused on developing succinct and shortened messaging
  • Planning and program development leader through events, activities and clear communication strategies


  • Adobe Certified Educator in all Adobe Creative Cloud products, Adobe Certified Associate in InDesign
  • Show and production photographer for Broadway touring productions and local theatrical productions
  • Designed advertising, marketing and production materials for multiple clients and properties
  • WordPress, Joomla, HTML and CSS programming and design skills (CMS system proficiency)
  • Design skills using InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator for publishing, large-format printing, promotional product design, logo creation and art package development
  • Video editing, commercial creation and ad development using Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects and Adobe Animate
  • Puppet designer and builder using traditional skills, 3d printing and cutting machine skills
  • Event production designer and planner for well-themed, branded and message-specific events


  • Professional-focused educator in public relations, advertising, graphic design, entertainment marketing and campaign development
  • Adult learning, training and facilitation experience expanded through traditional classroom training, workshops and virtual training activities
  • Experienced leader in Gen Z training and educational needs
  • Adobe Certified Educator teaching InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, After Effects and Animator in classroom and workshop settings
  • Public relations educator focused on training press kit material writing, AP Style, professional writing skills and social/digital writing
  • Advertising educator focused on message development, branding alignment, headline and copy writing styles and ad development
  • Training leader and customer service development training team experience
  • Puppet building trainer and online educator

Renaissance Man. Jack of all Trades. Creative Mastery.

This experience helps your business thrive.

Spanning multiple career arenas in many cities across the country, I could be considered a Renaissance man with a creative twist. A mix between a designer, a photographer, an art director and traditional ad/pr practitioner, I build upon the standards in the industry and allow you, my client, to take it one step further seamlessly.  Your message matches your visual and your visual matches your campaign – all with one person ensuring it all comes together flawlessly. Then for good measure, throw puppets in there and let the creativity flow.

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